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GHOST 5lb Tubs Are Coming

GHOST lives rent free in our mind apparently. As the title states, GHOST will be launching 5lb tubs of their protein powder at some point in the future. 

This was leaked today, and what people have been asking for is finally being answered. Until now, GHOST Whey was only available in 2lb tubs. Well now you can get more for your dollar, as the 5;b tubs will be cheaper per serving than the 2lb tubs.

This news comes along with GHOST announcing their expansion into Vitamin Shoppe, as well as the news that GHOST Oreo is coming soon. 2021 is another HUGE year for GHOST, and for all we know, they are just getting started.

Final Takeaway

What more can we say. GHOST is killing it, and we love this. Now people can save money on their favorite protein, and have more of it on hand. It's about time!

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