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GHOST Partners with Sonic & Announces Cherry Limeade Legend

GHOST Cherry Limeade Legend

GHOST is making waves in the flavor game once again with yet another licensing deal, this time with Sonic Restaurants. The team at GHOST announced today the launch of Sonic Cherry Limeade Legend Pre-Workout.

If you follow the team at GHOST on social media, they have been working on this concept and idea since summer of 2018. Teasers of the team at Sonic restaurants ordering the Cherry Limeade drink have made appearances on the channels. Now, those appearances will appear in your Legend Pre-Workout.

ETA on launch is to be determined, but we are told it is coming soon.

Fitness Informant POV

This is what I love about GHOST...they do things the right way. While most companies use a flavor and then brand it similarly to a major company (this infringing on IP), GHOST does it by ACTUALLY securing the licensing. This is why they are killing the flavoring game. I think companies can take a note out of their book. I used to work at a fortune 500 company, securing an actual licensing deal isn't hard, you just have to lay the ground work.

Regarding this YUM! I will keep my fingers crossed I get to try to. Kudos to the team at GHOST on securing another awesome licensing deal to bring their flavor game to the next level.

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