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GHOST® VEGAN & Whey x CINNABON® Has Arrived

GHOST X Cinnabon

GHOST has quickly become the king of authentic flavor collaborations. The brand announced that they were teaming up with Cinnabon to release two variations of the authentic collaboration. GHOST Whey X Cinnabon and GHOST Vegan X Cinnabon are officially available globally.

This is the very first authentic flavor collaboration for GHOST with a global launch. Other launches attached with license deals were not available globally, either due to choice or license restrictions, but GHOST X Cinnabon can be purchased around the globe.

GHOST X Cinnabon in the vegan protein is the brand's very first flavor collaboration on they vegan line.

GHOST X Cinnabon uses authentic Makara cinnamon.

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Final Takeaway

These are both great flavors. The whey gives you more sweetness, more of the cream cheese icing flavor while the vegan gives you more of the cinnamon that Cinnabon is known for. Both of these were very well done, and very nice to see the brand offer a collaboration globally.

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