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GHOST’s New Welch’s Grape Amino V2 Now Available

GHOST Welch's Amino V2

It's here! GHOST's newest flavor collaboration with Welch's is now available for sale. GHOST Welch's Grape Amino V2 is the newest flavor release from GHOST. GHOST also collaborated with Welch's on their Legend Pre-Workout, which has sold well. If you enjoy grape flavor, the Amino V2 would be a solid choice since you don't "chug" it like you would with a pre-workout.

GHOST Amino V2 is a full spectrum EAA product featuring 5.5g EAAs and 4.5g BCAAs. The GHOST Welch's version also contains 950mg Welch's Concord Grape Powder per serving. Additional ingredients include 2,000mg Taurine, 1,000mg Raw Coconut Powder, 500mg Aquamin and 50mg AstraGin.

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Fitness Informant's POV

GHOST has been killing the flavor game in 2019. Their authentic collaborations separate them from the competitive set. Welch's Grape Legend sold quickly, and has received a lot of praise, from us included. Amino V2 is a solid product that can be enjoyed intra-workout, so taste is of utmost importance. I would run, not walk, to grab this.

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