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GHOST Launches Welch’s Grape Flavored Legend

GHOST Launches Welch's Grape Flavored Legend

GHOST has done it again. It has been rumored/announced for some time that the team over at GHOST was teaming up with Welch's to launch a Welch's Grape Flavored Legend pre-workout. That time is finally now.

GHOST's new Welch's Grape Flavored Legend is now available for purchase through GHOST's website. If any past launch is any indication on how this is going to do, we would expect this to sellout extremely fast (GHOST's Sonic Cherry Limeade sold out in under 30-minutes).

GHOST Welch's Grape Flavor Legend will be available online at GHOST's website and at GNC locations. 

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Fitness Informant's POV

I have said it before, and I will say it again, RUN to get this from their website. This WILL sellout quickly. GHOST has done something special with their licensing deals over the past couple of years. First was Warheads, then with Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids, earlier this year with Sonic and now with Welch's. I expect the brand to continue to innovate on flavoring through licensing deals. This puts them ahead of the competition when it comes to branding and flavor innovation.

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