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Giant Sports Releases First Ever Open Label Ketosis-Inducing Supplement

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The Ketogenic Diet ​is gaining popularity in fitness circles due to its ability to burn body fat. Some individuals think it is a fad that will eventually pass, like the Atkins Diet. However, companies are flocking to this diet and are looking at ways they can monetize it.

Giant Sports International is a company that prides itself on innovation. They’ve released supplements in the past being the first ever company to use certain ingredients. One of those ingredients was Eria Jarensis Extract, which was used in Dexamine Black. They are back and being innovative again, this time in the Ketogenic Diet market.

Giant Sports International has released the world’s first ever open label ketosis-inducing supplement: Keto. Keto was designed to put the body into a state of ketosis approximately one hour after consumption. Keto contains the most advanced keto-driven, weight-loss formula on the market.

“This is the first BHB salt dietary supplement that goes beyond just inducing and maintaining ketosis,” says Bruce Kneller, Acting Chief Formulator at Giant Sports International. “We’re genuinely excited about Giant Keto and what it represents to both dieters and athletes everywhere.”

Giant Sport’s Keto delivers 14.5g of BGB salts (yields 11.7g of free BGB) per serving. This is the key ingredient that helps induce ketosis in most people in under an hour after ingestion. Giant Sports International claims, “​No other BHB salt containing product on the market today delivers clinically studied doses of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate and L-Aspartic Acid, two key critical amino acids shown to mitigate the effects of toxic ammonia build up. Ammonia is a metabolic waste product that saps performance while depleting mental energy and focus the longer you train.”

Fitness Informant will be given a container of Keto to review. Along with the supplement, Giant Sports is sending along test strips for us to test our state of ketosis. We will review the supplement based on profile, effectiveness (test strips), taste, mixability and value.​

Keto is available now for $49.99 on Amazon (Purchase Here) or on their website for $59.99. If you purchase on their website you will also get a free box of keto testing strips. It is available in Raspberry Lemonade flavor. ​

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