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Glaxon to Launch Cinco De Mango Flavor for Specimen YoYo

Some cool news coming from the popular brand known as Glaxon. Back in March, we got their limited edition St Patrick’s Day flavor for their pre-workout Specimen… and now we have another one coming up for Cinco De Mayo.

The new flavor coming from Glaxon is called Cinco De Mango, and to state the obvious, it is a Mango flavor. While we do not have any info on the exact launch date, it should come before the actual holiday so people can actually use it for the holiday.

Be sure to stay tuned for more news from Glaxon, as well as a launch date for the new Cinco De Mango flavor!

Final Takeaway

Cool news here! We enjoyed the last limited edition flavor, and we are sure this one will be nice as well. Mango is always a safe flavor to go with, and is usually quite popular. Once we get our tubs in, we will be sure to have a taste test posted on our IG.

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