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Glaxon Launches Limited Edition Green Gold Specimen YoYo

Glaxon is starting off 2021 right, and we have some exciting news for your guys. The popular brand has launched a limited edition special flavor for their Specimen YoYo.

The new flavor is a theme for St Patrick’s Day, and is called Green Gold. Specimen YoYo is a hard hitting preworkout that is certainly not for beginners, but for seasoned preworkout consumers who like a strong jump in energy, it is a great option. Green Gold is what Glaxon is calling this an “Orchard” flavor, and it also has shamrock sprinkles to go along with it.

Glaxon is really hitting it hard this year, and are already making a case for Brand of the Year for 2021. Be sure to check out the link below to grab the new flavor of Specimen V2, and be sure to use coupon code INFORMANT to save. 

Use Coupon Code INFORMANT To Save 20%

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Final Takeaway

Glaxon is showing that they like to have fun, which is what this industry needs more of. Where many brands do limited launches these days, Glaxon seems to make their versions a bit cooler than some of the competition. YoYo is a hard hitting preworkout, so this will deliver not only a flavor experience, but a boost in energy that will be an experience as well. We have this on the way, so be sure to check out our IG for for a flavor review coming soon!

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