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Glaxon Launches Their Nootropic Hybrid

Glaxon Hybrid

A highly anticipated product from Glaxon is finally here. Hybrid from Glaxon supplements has officially launched at the brand’s website.

Hybrid SFPHybrid V2 is like nothing we’ve seen on the market before. It combines BHB salts (better version than V1), D-Ribose, Inulin and electrolytes to improve your overall performance.

Research suggests that consuming exogenous ketones (BHB salts) may improve athletic performance. BHB salts can also aid as a “nootropic” since its been shown that the brain is able to drive cellular energy quicker from ketones than it can from carbohydrates. With that said, the formula also features 2g of D-Ribose for improved performance. D-Ribose has been shown to improve athletic performance (VO2-Max) and improve recovery through ATP production. Inulin, a plant fiber, is another ingredient used that can help enhance electrolyte absorption and thus increase perfomance.

Glaxon also includes their electrolyte matrix called Astrolyte to aid in performance as well

This is definitely a unique formula not seen on the market today.

Glaxon Hybrid V2 is available in Electric Lemonade.

Use code INFORMANT to save 20%.


Use code INFORMANT to save 20%

Final Takeaway

Hybrid V2 is a supplement I would have never thought about taking until I learned more about it. This is a cool formula that doesn't need to use caffeine to provide increased energy/endurance and cognitive enhancement. We have not tried the formula or the flavor, but based on the formula alone this one is very unique.

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