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Glaxon Launching Pumpkin Pie Flavored Wonder Collagen

Glaxon Wonder Collagen Pumpkin Pie

Basic season is still in full swing! Glaxon is joining in on the fun and launching a Pumpkin Pie flavor of their new collagen powder Wonder.

Pumpkin Pie collagen is a seasonal, limited edition flavor that will be gone once it sells out.

Wonder is a collagen supplement from Glaxon which was formulated to improve skin, nails and hair. It is a nutricosmetic product.

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Final Takeaway

I got the chance to try a beta sample of this, and it is wonderful. This is one of the best tasting pumpkin pie flavors I have had, and I am not even much of a fan of pumpkin. If you are taking nutricosmetic products, this flavor is money. The formula is also great.

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