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Quick Look At Glaxon Serenity V2 Profile

glaxon serenity

Just the other day, we found out the launch date of the upcoming Serenity V2 from Glaxon. We loved the original version of Serenity, but this looks like a promising upgrade. Well, now we have the official profile, so let’s take a quick look at what it contains.

The first ingredient so far is nothing new to Serenity. Sunflower Lecithin is a source of Phosphatidylserine. This was in the original Serenity, and it is nice to see them keep it. After this you get a solid dose of Quercetin, which is a known antioxidant. 

You also get Magnolia Bark Extract, which is a new addition to Serenity. Following this you get Shoden™, which is a source of Ashwagandha. This was also in the original Serenity V2. A new addition is Theanine, which is a known anxiolytic. 

Finally you get a new ingredient known as Lipidox, which consists of Sunflower Lecithin, as well as Ox Bile. We will go over this in a breakdown on this here in the near future.

So far, we are impressed with the profile of Serenity V2. We loved the old version, and they essentially kept it the same and added some extras, such as the Theanine and Lipidox™.

be sure to stay tuned for a launch article, as well as a deep dive in the ingredients and what they all do. We can’t wait for this drop ourselves!

Final Takeaway

Cool news here! We loved the original Serenity, and if they improved upon it, it can only be another hit. We have actually tried it ourselves, and although we've only tried it a few times, we can say that it was very effective. Friday looks to be a great day.

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