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Glaxon Releases Xeno V3

By September 17, 2021No Comments
Glaxon Xeno V2

Glaxon has launched their second iteration of their amino acid and hydration product in Xeno V3. Xeno V3 will feature a slightly updated formula and flavoring system.

Xeno V2 LabelThe formula changes are an improvement to the consumer. The first big change was that the brand went from 10g of Myo-Seq (Sequenced Amino Acid Blend) to 5g per scroop, however the brand added in 5g of 3:1:1 BCAAs in V2. V2 also sees Taurine make an appearance at 1g. Taurine can help regulate electrolytes. Hylauronic Acid was also increased from 45mg per scoop to 90mg per scoop in V3. Glaxon also added in 2g of Velositol to help with MPS. (muscle protein synthesis). They kept Astrolyte at 1,550mg per serving.

Glaxon Xeno V3 will also feature an improved flavoring system and flavors. Xeno V3 will be available in Homemade Lemonade, Sour Berries and Gummy Watermelon.

Glaxon Xeno V3 is available now.

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Final Takeaway

In short I think this is an improved formula, which is amazing for us. I am actually happy they looked at the flavoring on these and improved it there. These are powders I tend to sip on throughout the day, flavor is huge. The addition of Velositol is expensive but smart on Glaxon's part. Nutrition 21 Velositol has found its way into protein powders, amino products and functional foods.

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