Grapefruit GHOST Legend Coming Soon

GHOST Legend Grapefruit

Earlier this summer we announced that GHOST had planned to launch a pineapple flavored supplement, but we did not know which supplement was going to receive the flavor. That was, until now. GHOST has announced that pineapple Legend will be coming soon from the brand. Legend is GHOST's popular pre-workout supplement.

Grapefruit is not a flavor seen often in the industry. In GHOST fashion, the container will achieve a grapefruit esk look (see above). No ETA on the launch. Sign-up below for details to learn more as we do.

Fitness Informant's POV

We do not like grapefruit the actual fruit, but I am curious to see what this flavor tastes like in a supplement. We have never had a grapefruit flavored powder before. GHOST does a phenomenal job of flavoring, so our guess is that this will taste damn good.

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