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Hosstile Supplements Named Fitness Informant’s 2020 New Brand of the Year

By December 15, 2020No Comments
2020 New Brand of the Year Hosstile Supplements

Fouad Abiad can now boast about two major accomplishments in his fitness career, IFBB Pro and now the owner of the 2020 Fitness Informant New Brand of the Year in Hosstile Supplements.

The 2020 New Brand of the Year field had four respected brands who put forth awesome efforts in a year where it was hard to launch a new brand in the space. BEAM, RAW Nutrition, Rising Labs and Hosstile Supplements all launched during one of the worst times in our country's history, but all four brands did their part to throw their name in the running for new brand of the year.

Hosstile Supplements was the overwhelming favorite in fan voting. The FI panel of experts also had a lot to like about Hosstile Supplements, including their packed formulas in their four products current on the market today.

Hosstile Supplements launched late December 2019 making 2020 their first full year of business. The brand launched two variations of their pre-workout, a stim-based pre-workout and a non-stim pre-workout. Hosstile Supplements also launched an intra-workout product and an EAA/hydration formula. On top of their supplements, Hosstile has a full apparel line.

Hosstile Supplements is owned by Fouad Abiad and his wife Summer Abiad, a former competitor herself. Summer has spent over 20 years within the dietary supplement and fitness industry working for reputable brands like MuscleTech, Nutrabolics, Muscle & Fitness Hers and Flex Magazine. Collectively, Fouad and Summer created a brand in 2020 that was sought out by brick and mortar retailers and consumers who care about quality and effectiveness.

Final Takeaway

This was a tough category because each brand had some really obvious strengths and stories behind them. BEAM has a great team behind them and the story is remarkable. RAW Nutrition is ran by two men who built Revive MD into the powerhouse that is known as Revive MD. Rising Labs, ran by US veteran KC Mitchell (aka One Legged Monster) had a great year as well. At the end of the day we looked at the complete body of work throughout 2020 and thought Hosstile did a great job of building the brand and demand. Congrats to both Fouad and Summer on their hard work in 2020.

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