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Infinis Nutrition Reveals Details Behind New Hydration Supplement

By April 5, 2024June 19th, 2024No Comments
Infinis Nutrition Hydration

Infinis Nutrition is back and continues to swing for the fences. Infinis Nutrition launched in late 2023 with two loaded formulas in a pre-workout and greens product, but now the brand is bringing their loaded formulation mindset to the hydration category. Infinis Nutrition Hydration is set to launch on April 8th in a Kiwi Strawberry flavor. 

Infinis Nutrition Hydration Supplement Facts

As with every Infinis Nutrition product, Hydration is a fully loaded supplement with many added benefits. Hydration is more than just electrolytes. Infinis Nutrition includes several other key ingredients that can improve digestion, immune, and overall health and well-being.

Infinis Nutrition Hydration SFPL-Taurine 2,000mg

Taurine plays a key role in regulating electrolytes. Taurine is typically dosed at 1,000mg

FruitaFit FOS (fructooligosaccharides) – 1,000mg

Derived from chicory root, Fruitafit can help improve gut microbiome and support a healthy immune system. 

HydroPrime – 1,000mg

HydroPrime is a patent version of glycerol. This can help keep the muscles properly hydrated. It may help improve pumps as well as the muscle is able to hold water with the use of glycerol. The 1,000mg dosage is on the lower end for pumps but great for hydration.

Aquamin – 1,000mg

Derived from algae, Aquamin has been shown to improve hydration. It can also aid in bone and joint health, supporting the immune system and the intestinal microbiome.


Coconut Water Powder – 1,000mg

Coconut water powder has been used in a lot of hydration supplements but we typically see it at 500mg. This can aid in overall hydration. 

Salt – 750mg

Salt plays a key role in hydration. It is 100% necessary for proper hydration. The 750mg dosage is one of the better dosages we’ve seen in a hydration product. 

Calci-K – 650mg

Calci-K blends calcium, potassium, and phosphorus molecules into a patented, easily absorbed complex. This plays a big role in hydration and may improve muscle contractions.

TRAACS Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate – 555mg

Considered the best version of magnesium, TRAACS Magnesium Bisglycinate Chelate can aid in overall hydration of the body and can improve sleep support, reduced cramps, muscle health, balanced blood glucose, calmer mood, and more.

MitoReds Reds Powder – 400mg

MitoReds from NNB Nutrition is a newer ingredient that can help promote healthy aging. MitoReds provides antioxidative support, supports healthy energy levels and vitality, mitochondrial function and immunity.

PURWAY-C – 222mg

The most bioavailable form of Vitamin C is PURWAY-C. Humans cannot produce our own vitamin C, yet the body needs it to function. PURWAY-C aids with healing, anti-aging, and cosmetic benefits.

ElevATP – 150mg

ElevATP elevates your bodies own ATP levels. ATP is responsible for your energy in your body. This can improve strength, power and performance. The 150mg dosage is great to see.

ConcenTrace Minerals – 100mg

With so many minerals being taken away from our food and liquids, ConceTrace restores them. ConcenTrace minerals helps restore electrolytes, aids in improved sleep, improved metabolic and mood support, improved joint, bones and teeth support and more.

Senactiv – 50mg

Senactiv from Nuliv Science has been show to improve recovery and performance. The 50mg dosage is optimal.

Astragin – 50mg

Astragin helps improve absorption of the ingredients used in this formula. 

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Final Takeaway on Infinis Hydration

To say I am shocked would be shocking. Infinis is coming out swinging at all the fences, no matter how deep. Just like their pre-workout and their greens formulas, this thing is insanely loaded. I think the name is deceiving because it is so much more than just a hydration supplement. We are looking forward to this one!

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Infinis Nutrition Launches New Hydration Supplement
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