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LionEdge Nutrition Launches Doctor Formulated Sleep Rx Suppplement

LionEdge Nutrition Sleep Rx

One of the most underrated aspects of a healthy lifestyle is proper amounts of sleep. Many of us run on less than six hours of sleep, which is detrimental to our recovery and our "gains." LionEdge Nutrition has officially launched Sleep Rx, a supplement formulated by a doctor to give you a better night's sleep.

LionEdge Nutrition products are formulated by Adam Rajoulh, an MD. He also works with Dr. Jeff Golini from All American Pharmaceuticals and EFX Sports. Sleep Rx is LionEdge Nutrition newest supplement which their Inflammatory Rx as their second capsule product. 

LionEdge Nutrition Sleep RxSleep Rx uses several ingredients known to improve overall sleep quality. GABA is used at 200mg. Studies have shown that doses ranging between 100 and 300mg of GABA seems to be efficacious in reducing sleep latency with prolonged use of 1–4 weeks.

Valerian Root Extract is dosed at 150mg. According to the Mayo Clinic, Valerian Root Extract may reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and help you sleep better. We would typically want to see this higher, in the 300 to 600mg range, however lower doses like 150mg has been shown to reduce anxiety, which can lead to falling asleep faster.

Chamomile Extract is used at 100mg. A popular tea consumed to help with anxiety and stress reduction, and sleep improvement, is Chamomile Tea. The research shows that Chamomile can help improve sleep quality, but it’s dependent on the dosage. One study showed that participants needed 400mg twice a day (800mg) total. With Sleep Rx we get 100mg. Other research suggests about 300mg for a better quality of sleep.

Theanine is an ingredient seen used a lot in pre-workouts to counteract the “jitters” of caffeine and other stimulants. A dosage of 100mg in Sleep Rx would be adequate to produce a calming effect on the user. Theanine is used to reduce anxiety and aid in falling asleep faster.

5 HTP is used at 50mg. 5 HTP helps the body produce more serotonin, which helps with the sleep cycle. In rat studies, 5 HTP has been shown to improve REM sleep, (which is what we all want) at a dosage of 200mg per day. The recommended dosage is 100 – 300mg per day. We are shy of that here, but in collaboration with the other ingredients this may work well.

Lastly we get Melatonin. This is the most popular sleep aid on the market. Melatonin is used at 5mg which is what we typically see.

It is important to note that many studies look at ingredients as a standalone solution versus in collaboration with other ingredients. On an ingredient by ingredient basis it may seem that you are being shorted, but you have to remember, these ingredients are being combined with other ingredients that offer similar benefits. Overall the ingredient selection was solid.

We did get a chance to use this for several nights prior to launch. Our sleep quality was awesome. We fell asleep quickly and had a great quality of sleep.

Sleep Rx is available now for $29.99 at LionEdge Nutrition’s website.

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Final Takeaway

Honestly I really liked this sleep aid. It is convenient in only two caps. I had great sleep in terms of quality, but I also fell asleep quickly. There's some really nice ingredients in here. If they were standalone solutions I would want more dosing of them, but they are not. They are used in a FORMULA. This works quite well. For someone with a lot of stress of running multiple businesses, this worked well for me.

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