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Lost & Found Energy Debuting Four Flavors

Lost & Found Energy

The energy drink space is getting crowded, yet more and more brands want to play. While some brands are a "me too" of other drinks on the market, a few are standing out with formulations, collaborations and unique marketing.

Lost & Found is a new energy drink company that is set to launch with four flavors. Cherry Lemonade, Glacier Burst, Blue Rush and Orange Splash (set to launch later than the first three) are set to be available soon.

We are being told that these will start going into distribution and will be available at by the end of April, with Orange Splash coming later in May.

We had the opportunity to try the flavors and they are all good, even the Blue Rush which we are traditionally not a fan of blue drinks. The formula features 150mg caffeine per can. This is comparable to industry leading Monster at 160mg. The formula will also feature electrolytes and taurine to aid in hydration.

More info coming soon on the actual release of these new energy drinks.

Final Takeaway

I was a big fan of these, honestly. At first I thought Glacier Freeze (think Monster White) was the best, then it changed to Orange Splash. Cherry Lemonade is also a dark horse that I know a lot will like. I enjoy these at the 150mg caffeine. You can have 1-2 a day and not be overly caffeinated which is key in my opinion.

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