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Merica Labz Launches Two New Flavors of Patriot’s Whey

By October 25, 2021No Comments
Merica Labz Patriots Whey

Merica Labz has introduced two new flavors to their Patriot's Whey line of proteins. Mamaw's Banana Puddin' and Strawberry Bundt Cake are the two new flavors that join the family. Both of these flavors have not existed before on Merica Labz.

Merica Labz re-launched Patriot's Whey in September with the OG flavors. Mamaw's Banana Puddin' and Strawberry Bundt Cake were supposed to be part of the initial launch, but supply chain delayed them. They are both available now at

Mamaw's Banana Puddin' is a real-like banana flavor. This one is not a candy-like flavor some other banana based proteins have.

Strawberry Bundt Cake is a great tasting strawberry protein with that bundt cake kick and inclusion to it.

Final Takeaway

I really enjoyed both of these flavors. I am not a banana person, but I really did love the mouth feel and flavoring on Mamaw's Banana Puddin'. Strawberry Bundt Cake is one of the better tasting strawberry flavored proteins on the market today. Both are very good and have the quality of Merica Labz behind them.

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