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Merica Labz Merica Snax Beef Sticks Now Available

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Merica Snax

First is was Merica Energy and now it is Merica Snax. Merica Labz, owned by Doug Miller, is getting into the meat game with the launch of Merica Snax Beef Sticks.

Merica Snacks Beef Sticks will be available in three flavors: Original, Jalapeno Pineapple and Teriyaki. Each beef stick contains 13-14g protein per stick and 100-120 calories. Fats are consistent at 4.5g in each version.

Merica Snax will be gluten free, contain no preservatives and no nitrates or nitrates added.

Fitness Informant's POV

We got the pleasure of trying these before they launched. They are really good. If you don't like beef sticks, you're un-American. Our favorite flavor was the Jalapeno Pineapple. Teriyaki and Original are also very good, but they are flavors of meat sticks we've had before. Beef sticks are a great alternative to the protein bars we consume dailyl. In fact, some of our protein bars are more like candy bars.

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