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Morphogen Nutrition Morphobar Coming Soon

By November 1, 2020No Comments
Morphogen Nutrition Morphobar

Morphogen Nutrition, a smaller sports nutrition brand with a focus on high quality formulas, has announced that they will be launching Morphobar, a whole food nutrition bar. Morphogen Nutrition Ben Hartman posted the above video (photo) to his personal Facebook page.

A few key details call out from the case packaging. The first is that this is going to be a 58g whole food bar. This would be something similar to the MRE Bar in terms of "whole foods" that we can expect. It also states it is a natural bar. This would mean a sweetener of choice would most likely be honey. The last thing that bounces off the screen at us is the fact that the case will be 16 bars versus the industry standard of 12.

There is no word when this will be available, but sign-up below for alerts when it does.

Final Takeaway

We love Morphogen Nutrition because we are supplement nerds. Ben and his team focus on high-quality formulations. I can imagine that this is going to be exactly what it says it is, a complete whole foods nutritional bar. It will ultimately come down to taste. Consumers are no longer willing to sacrifice taste in protein bars since MRE Bar and Outright Bar have erased that stigma.

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