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Muscle Feast Introduces 3 New Flavors Of Hydrate

muscle feast electrolytes hydrate

Muscle Feast has been on a spree lately, and have really been making an effort to appeal to a wide audience. Today, we’d like to inform you that Muscle Feast has just added 2 new flavors to their Electrolyte++™ Hydrate formula. What makes this special is that previously, they only had the unflavored version. 

Electrolyte++™ Hydrate is a basic electrolyte formula, and can be added to just about any drink to aid in overall hydration. It’s great to add to your pre-workout, intra-workout, or even simply adding it to your gallon of jug of water. The flavors released are Watermelon, Blue Ice Pop, and Tangerine. These are the same flavors that Muscle Feast released with the EAA formula several weeks ago. 


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Fitness Informant's POV

G's take- I really like what Muscle Feast has been doing lately. I have known about Muscle feast for years now, and always had respect for them. However, they seem to have flown under the radar for years, and many people I know have never heard of them. 

Well they should be gaining in popularity, as they are making serious effort to appeal to a wider audience. New flavors to their electrolyte formula should make it more appealing to the consumer who wants a flavored electrolyte drink without the sugar.

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