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Brand Spotlight: Muscle Feast

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Muscle Feast

Sometimes, the best brands are the ones that aren’t throwing out ads on every website you visit… no, sometimes, the best brands remain silent, and let their products speak for themselves. This is what we hope to show you today, as we present to you one of our new favorite brands, Muscle Feast.

Muscle Feast has been around for a long time now, and for the most part have been quiet. In fact, you’d be surprised to hear that they have been around years now, and some of us here on FI had never heard of them. While they may not be on the front page of certain supplement retailers, the people that do know them, all have the same thing to say… they are a high-quality and trustworthy brand. 

Muscle Feast brought to the market by Sean and Shelley Gillespie, who wanted to support their son in his bodybuilding journey. They were disappointed by the marketing hype in the industry, something we all know too well these days. So instead of settling, they went out and started their own supplement company. With Sean’s experience in Engineering and Operation management in the food industry, along with a family simply living a healthy lifestyle, Muscle Feast comes from capable people, and it’s no surprise why many people who use Muscle Feast end up falling in love with them.

Why Muscle Feast?

Now why should you use Muscle Feast products? Well, we have one word… QUALITY! Muscle Feast has been one of the leading brands in the industry when it comes to quality and transparency, and they have been doing it for a long time now. A simple search on the internet will show you that they have no problem showing off their third party testing, and we commend them for that. Not only are they transparent and have excellent manufacturing standards, they are Kosher Certified from the Orthodox Union for all of their whey protein powders. 

Muscle Feast is a brand for everybody, and what we mean by that, is that they offer more than a pre-workout and protein powder. No, Muscle Feast has an product range that includes commodities, pre-workouts, carb powders… the list goes on. Of course, we have to mention that the entire line is fully disclosed, something that we are seeing more and more of these days. With that said, Muscle Feast has been doing this for a long time, and was quite early to the party. So if you’re one who wants to know exactly what and how much of an ingredient you want in your body, just know that Muscle Feast has no proprietary blends in any of their products.

One thing we noticed in some of the pre-workout/pump formulas, is that while everything is dosed well, Muscle Feast does not go out of their way to make something ridiculously over-the-top. Muscle feast instead makes very simple, straight-forward, effective products that are suitable for just about everybody.

Muscle Feast Whey Isolate Protein Powdermuscle feast isolate

Muscle Feast is known for their protein powder. It’s a simple product, but they do it so well, that we can’t help but admire it. Muscle Feast’s Whey Isolate comes from grass fed/hormone free cows. Now we are not big on the whole “grass fed whey” here on Fitness Informant, however that does not make it a bad product by any means, in fact, its better for the cows if you want to get into an ethical debate over it, but we’re not here to argue that.

Usually, brands doing this end up passing the cost onto the consumer. Well, if you simply visit the website, you’ll find this product at a very reasonable price, and with Muscle Feast’s track record of meeting label claims online, this is certainly a product to consider if you’re interested in trying out something from Muscle Feast.

8 Hour Energy Powder

muscle feast 8 hourNow we come to what is a very versatile product. 8 Hour Energy from Muscle Feast is a simple blend of 3 ingredients, which include L-Taurine at 830mg, L-Tyrosine at 830mg, and Caffeine Anhydrous at 166mg. That’s pretty much it unless you consider it also has B-Vitamins in it.

So a quick glance at the ingredients, L-Taurine has several benefits. It’s good for hydration, blood flow, and more. Following this, we get L-Tyrosine, which may aid in focus. At 830mg, this can provide some benefits, and it your take 2 servings a day, it should last throughout most of the day. Of course, the Caffeine in here is going to be what you feel right off the bat. At 166mg of Caffeine, this is enough Caffeine to get most of you guys going, and shouldn’t make you feel uneasy unless you are very Caffeine sensitive. 

What’s great about this product, is that it pairs well with the majority of non-stim pump products on the market. Many already stack stim-based pre-workouts with pump products, and sometimes you get more than you really need in them. Well, this simple blend gives you just what it says… long-lasting, clean, non-jittery energy.

Primitive Pump

muscle feast primitiveWhat goes well with 8 Hour Energy? Well, a nice pump product of course! Primitive Pump is Muscle Feast’s pump product, and just like 8 Hour Energy, it is impressive without trying to be. While we love loaded pump products here on FI, we admit that sometimes they don’t have have 10 different ingredients to be effective. Primitive Pump showcases that perfectly right here.

Primitive Pump starts us off with L-Citrulline at 5g. Citrulline is standard in most pre-workouts and pump products these days, and we welcome it here. At 5g, we are getting a good dose in here. Following this, we have 2g of Glycerol Monostearate. Glycerol Monostearate may aid in cellular hydration, and 2g is a decent dose, and is comparable to many products on the market these days. We have to mention that it is HydroMax, a high-quality source of GMS. Lastly, we have Agmatine (as AgmaPure®) in Primitive Pump at 1.8g. This is higher than the vast majority of products on the market, as most brand stick to 1g, or occasionally go up to 1.5g. While more is not always better, we can’t complain in this case. 

Final Takeaway

We are excited here on Fitness Informant to be working with Muscle Feast. They have long been overlooked, and we bet if you take a closer look, you’ll be impressed with them. Some people say that it is hard to do things the right way in this industry… well Muscle Feast put that myth aside.

We highly suggest visiting their website and checking them out. They have high-quality products, along with plenty of options that can fit just about every lifters regimen. 

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