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MuscleForce Launches Defiant Shredded with DMHA

MuscleForce Defiant Shredded

MuscleForce has launched their first new product of 2021 in a new fat burning pre-workout called Defiant Shredded. Defiant Shredded will join Defiant and Defiant Unleashed as the brands main pre-workout supplements.

Similarly to Defiant and Defiant Unleashed, Defiant Shredded will feature DMHA at 125mg making it one of the only remaining fat burning pre-workout supplements left to contain the ingredient. Defiant Shredded also contains 100mg Cocobuterol, 3g L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate, 25mg ProGBB, 30mg Synephrine, 1mg Alpha-Yohimbine, 125mg InnoSlim and 100mg Neurofactor among other ingredients. 

MuscleForce Defiant Shredded is available in three flavors, Miami Vice, Mimosa and Blue Razz Lemonade. It is a 40/20 serving tub that retails for $49.99.

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Final Takeaway

Not surprised to see MuscleForce do this. A lot of brands are knocking out fat burning pre-workouts. I personally love them. I am also not surprised to see them still use 2-amino (DMHA) in their formula. This is a gray area ingredient that most brands have gone away from, but MuscleForce continues to use it until further notice. On paper, it looks to be half way decent.

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