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MuscleSport Launches New Amino + Hydration In Patriot Popsicle

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MuscleSport has officially released a brand new product for the Forth of July and what better flavor to start with than Patriot Popsicle? With Jason at the wheel you know the flavor should be spot on. The first addition comes in the form of Aminos + Hydration in a stacked formula that we can’t wait to dive into. 

MuscleSport Amino + Hydration Supplement Facts Page

We get a one or two dose serving option here which has thankfully become pretty popular lately. We will be breaking this down over the 2 scoop/12g serving size(which gives us 30 servings per container.)

EAA Active Amino Matrix

We start off with the usual 3 BCAA profiles here. L-Leucine at 4,000mg, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine both at 1,000mg each. From there we move into six different EAA profiles with L-Lysine and L-Threonine both sitting at a respectable 350mg reach. Next we have 200mg of L-Phenylalanine. The last three we have to round out this matrix are L-Histidine at 50mg and finally L-Methionine and L-Tryptophan both at 25mg.

ElectroREV Hydration Matrix – 1,370mg

ElectroREV Hydration Matrix is used in several of MuscleSport’s products, such as their BCAA Revolution and Creatine + Hydration formulas and is a specialized blend of electrolytes designed to optimize hydration and support various bodily functions. It combines electrolytes with branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) to aid muscle protein synthesis and endurance. There are three key ingredients that really work synergistically to ensure that your body stays hydrated and your muscles function optimally during and after exercise.

  • Sodium Chloride (Salt):

    • Essential for maintaining fluid balance, nerve function, and muscle contractions.
    • Helps in replenishing sodium lost through sweat during intense workouts.
  • Potassium Chloride:

    • Crucial for muscle function and helps prevent cramps.
    • Maintains proper electrolyte balance and supports cardiovascular health.
  • Magnesium Citrate:

    • Supports muscle relaxation and energy production.
    • Vital for many biochemical reactions in the body, including those involved in muscle contraction and relaxation.

L-Taurine – 1,000mg

Another amino acid highly prevalent in electrically active tissue. Taurine has a wide range of benefits. It is considered an osmoregulator and controls intracellular fluid volume. It also regulates calcium homeostasis, an electrolyte that plays a critical role in muscular contraction. Taurine also plays a role in overall cardiovascular health by promoting vasodilation via reducing production of angiotensin II. By prioritizing the use of fat for fuel, taurine has been shown to enhance endurance training.

Organic Coconut Water Powder – 500mg

The biggest thing coconut water has been found to be good for that people is using it to help with rehydration. Coconut water also is very nutrient rich in several B-Vitamins and electrolytes making it a optimal recovery and/or intra-workout ingredient to help replenish hydration and lost nutrients. MuscleSport has given us 500mg of coconut water powder to help us keep hydrated, sources have found it is safe to take 10g – 15g of coconut water powder daily. This gives the opportunity to utilize coconut water powder in other products throughout our day. 

Himalayan Pink Salt – 500mg 

With containing an abundance of minerals MuscleSport has added in Pink Himalayan Salt, an unspoken key ingredient that several people have added to their pre-workouts or intra-workouts over the years. The benefit of adding this ingredient into your workout regimen is it helps with hydration balance, prevents cramps, helps with muscle contractions & pumps, but also uniquely pairing it with creatine will help with its absorption. Using Pink Himalayan Salt to help increase performance, many recommendations have suggested a use of 600-1,2000mg in your preworkout or pre-workout meal. MuscleSport gives us a 500mg dosing.

AstraGin – 50mg

AstraGin from Nuliv Science has become the standard in ingredient additions to most all dietary supplements. At just 50mg Astragin improves the absorption of active ingredients in formulas. AstraGin may also improve gut health and brain health.

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Final Takeaway of MuscleSport Aminos + Hydration

I am a big fan of aminos and hydration but have generally used them seperate or mixing myself. MuscleSport has taken the extra step for us and created a product I cant wait to get my hands on. Stay tuned for more info on our social media channels.

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