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MuscleSport Reveals Cosmic Pink Candy BCAA Revolution

MuscleSport BCAA Revolution Cosmic Pink Candy

MuscleSport is expanding their flavors of BCAA Revolution with the return of Cosmic Pink Candy, their take on the popular pink Starburst flavor. Cosmic Pink Candy BCAA Revolution is a limited edition run that will disappear once it is sold out.

BCAA Revolution is a 10:1:1 BCAA ratio. The brand also adds Glutamine to aid with gut health as well.

BCAA Revolution is available in over 20 flavors, so if this isn't your cup a tea, they will have something that speaks to you.

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Final Takeaway

This officially drops on June 9th, but users can get early access to it with our link above. I believe we've tried it in the past, but MuscleSport is re-sending so we can give you a review on the flavor and get right to it. You can see this one sip review on our official Instagram channel (@FitnessInformant).

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