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MuscleSport Launches at Campus Protein with 20% Off Sale

By February 26, 2020 No Comments
MuscleSport X Campus Protein

After years of being a brick and mortar only brand, MuscleSport is now available at the major online retailer MuscleSport was featured on Vitamin Shoppe’s website as part of their deal with Vitamin Shoppe, but Campus Protein becomes the first major online retailer to carry the brand that doesn’t have a physical retail store.

As part of the inaugural launch, Campus Protein is offering 20% off plus a free t-shirt with purchase on MuscleSport products. Campus Protein carries a plethora of MuscleSport products including our 2019 Protein of the Year in Rainbow Unicorn Cookie Shake Lean Whey and our 2019 Pre-Workout of the Year in King’s Ransom. Other featured products are Rhino Rampage, Rhino Pumped and the new rebranded “her” series.

MuscleSport Chief Marketing Officer Greg Helton told FI back in the summer of 2019 on a podcast that the brand was seeking other channels to distribute the brand to reach more consumers. This is a big step for MuscleSport and equally impressive for Campus Protein.

Fitness Informant's POV

As someone who has, admittedly, never purchased a single thing from Campus Protein, I do understand this move. I have spoken with multiple brands in the space that love the online retailer. In fact, there are major brands who are very selective on where they are distributed that said they would choose Campus Protein over the big guys like and Tiger Fitness. I like the move for MuscleSport. A lot of consumers would "complain" at the costs on MuscleSport's website (these are adherently higher to support brick and mortar), but now they can get their favorite MuscleSport products at a good price at Campus Protein. 

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