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MuscleSport Releases New Creatine + Hydration.

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MuscleSport has brought the heat this summer with several new launches, now adding to their lineup of new products is Creatine + Hydration. MuscleSport is launching this in initial flavors of Passion Fruit Punch and Lemon Italian Ice. With MuscleSports great reputation of flavoring these are going to be two great intra workout flavors to help sip on something refreshing and not overly sweet during intense workouts.

The launch will come Saturday August 12th, at the highly anticipated Natural Body Block party. 

Creatine + Hydration Breakdown:

MuscleSport has taken the approach with their creatine formula of doing a one or two scoop formula, making this more customizable for users who may be getting creatine from other sources such as some pre-workouts that contain higher dosings of creatine.

Creatine Monohydrate (2,500mg/5,000)- 

The longest studied form of creatine, creatine monohydrate is the most commonly used amongst gym users. The use of Creatine monohydrate helps with your production of ATP in your muscle cells leading to increased recovery, and strength. With the use of creatine monohydrate also helping with hydrating your muscle cells, this can help with more muscle growth, decreased dehydration and cramping. MuscleSport has given us the option how much creatine we would like to use as many studies have been done using a 5,000mg daily usage. 

Taurine (500mg/1,000mg) – 

Creatine + Hydration formula that MuscleSport has released has included Taurine to help make this an even better intra-workout supplement. The usage of taurine you might find in some preworkouts as well. The reasoning behind using this is to help reduce fatigue help you keep up the intensity of your workout without getting burnt out. Taurine has also been found to help with muscle strength contractions leading to better quality of reps and more strength output. With the common recommended daily dosages of Taurine ranging between 500mg – 2,000mg, MuscleSport has delivered hitting these targets at either a 500mg or 1,000mg dose. 

Organic Coconut Water Powder (250mg/500mg)- 

Hydration. The biggest thing coconut water has been found to be good for that people is using it to help with rehydration. Coconut water also is very nutrient rich in several B-Vitamins and electrolytes making it a optimal recovery and/or intra-workout ingredient to help replenish hydration and lost nutrients. MuscleSport has given us 250mg/500mg of coconut water powder to help us keep hydrated, sources have found it is safe to take 10g – 15g of coconut water powder daily. This gives the opportunity to utilize coconut water powder in other products throughout our day. 

ElectroREV™  (175mg/350mg)-

As found in MuscleSport’s BCAA Revolution, you will find the use of the trade marked electrolyte blend of ElectroREV™ in Creatine + Hydration as well. Adding this ingredient along will help improve your hydration, reducing fatigue, and help improve your endurance throughout your workout. MuscleSport has given us the capability of getting the same full dosing of this trade marked electrolyte at 350mg, just as it also dosed in their BCAA Revolution. 

Himalayan Pink Salt (125mg/250mg)- 

With containing an abundance of minerals MuscleSport has added in Pink Himalayan Salt, an unspoken key ingredient that several people have added to their pre-workouts or intra-workouts over the years. The benefit of adding this ingredient into your workout regimen is it helps with hydration balance, prevents cramps, helps with muscle contractions & pumps, but also uniquely pairing it with creatine will help with its absorption. Using Pink Himalayan Salt to help increase performance, many recommendations have suggested a use of 600-1,2000mg in your preworkout or pre-workout meal. MuscleSport gives us 125/250mg dosing, still an effective dosing, but also can pair more with it.

Astragin (25mg/50mg)

A very popular ingredient used in sports performance supplements Astragin has been added to help with utilizing and increasing the bioavailability of the ingredients used in this Creatine + Hydration formula to help yield the best results possible. If you were to do the full two scoop formula you will get the best suggested dose of 50mg that Astragin has been commonly dosed at.

Final Takeaway

This formula has a high appeal rate for me as one of my personal focuses is always keeping hydrated throughout the day and through my workouts. With already using an electrolyte and creatine source having them combined into one will be very convenient for me to use. When it comes to others using it I believe it will also be very beneficial because a majority of new creatine users will rush into using creatine but will forget about the importance of hydration while using creatine. I can't wait to try this product as I feel it will be a staple product in my regimen for the formula and not to forget MuscleSport always brings some of the best flavors in the game.

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