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MuscleSport Launches Limited Edition Dippsadoodles Lean Whey

By October 22, 2021No Comments
MuscleSport Dippsadoodles Lean Whey

MuscleSport has launched another limited edition Lean Whey in Dippsadoodles. Dippsadoodles is MuscleSport's take on Dunkaroos. As always Dippsadoodles Lean Whey features a Hydroslate and Isolate blend.

Dippsadoodles has been in the works for months. MuscleSport CEO Jason Mancuso a/k/a The Supp Chef was just waiting for the right time to launch it. That time is now.

A limited amount of bottles have been reserved for brick and mortar. The rest are being released online at MuscleSport's website.

Dippsadoodles is a take on Dunkaroos. The actual protein is sweet, much like MuscleSport's Unicorn Cookie Shake, which won the Best Protein of the Year at FI in 2019. Dippsadoodles Lean Whey will be availale in a 2lb unit only.

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Final Takeaway

Not even going to lie to you, this might be their best flavor ever. I love Unicorn Cookie Shake, I love Toasted Almond, and I love Caramel Coconut, but this one is special. Jason Mancuso does a great job, in fact, I think he might be the best flavor artist in the game when it comes to protein. I would highly suggest snagging one of these before they are gone.

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