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MuscleSport Reveals New King’s Ransom Pre-Workout

By November 23, 2022No Comments
MuscleSport Kings Ransom

After being away for over two years, MuscleSport is returning one of their most popular pre-workouts ever in RHINO King’s Ransom. Once upon a time, King’s Ransom was our #1 ranked pre-workout on Fitness Informant. The new version of King’s Ransom will be available as part of MuscleSport’s Black Friday 2022 deals.

MuscleSport King’s Ransom

MuscleSport Kings Ransom SFPMuscleSport King’s Ransom has a new look for 2022, but should be still nearly as effective. It’s been awhile since the original King’s Ransom was released. At that time that formula used ingredients that were OK to use, but now have found themselves on the FDA Advisor List. MuscleSport had to reformulate, but it’s a good thing.

The updated formula starts with Nitric Oxide and Recycling Matrix.

The new formula starts with 6g of pure L-Citrulline. This is the precursor to arginine which increases nitric oxide and blood flow.

Agmass Agmatine Sulfate, which has some cognition properties as well as blood flow properties is dosed at 1.5g. This is higher than the 1g we typically see.

Grape Seed and Pine Bark Extract are both used at 250mg. These both work together to improve blood flow and dilate blood vessels for more blood flow into the muscles.

FIt Butters

Vanadyl Sulfate is used at 10mg. This can actually help metabolize glucose, which can aid in pumps.

Next we get the Cellular Energy Complex.

Beta Alanine is used at 3.5g. This is above the standard 3.2g. This helps prolong muscular endurance. 

BetaPower Betaine is dosed at 2.5g. This is the acceptable dosage of Betaine. This can help improve athletic performance and output.

Taurine, which can regulate electrolyte and help with output, is dosed at 1g. In addition to 1g Taurine, King’s Ransom includes 500mg Himalayan Pink Salt for hydration (also aids in pumps).

RhodioPrime is dosed at 100mg. This branded version of Rhodiola rosea is an anti-fatigue agent.

Finally we get the Mind-Muscle Connection Complex.

This starts with 2g of L-Tryosine. This aids in focus and clarity. We typically see this at 1g.

Alpha-GPC is dosed at 600mg. This is a choline molecule that crosses the blood brain barrier and can help improve mood, memory and focus.

Caffeine Anhydrous is dosed at 300mg, which as become almost an industry standard at this point.

Cocoa Rush Theobrome, a metabolite of caffeine, is dosed at 200mg. This has similar effects as caffeine.

Theanine is used at 100mg. This eases up the “jitters” you may get from caffeine, but also improves mood.

Di-Caffeine Malate as Infinergy is dosed at 75mg. This will yield about 50mg of actual caffeine for a total of 350mg caffeine. 

Celastrus Paniculatus is dosed at 50mg. This has been shown to improve cognition over a period of time (when used for more than 2-weeks). 

Lastly users get 200mcg of Huperzine A. This, along with Alpha-GPC, Tyrosine and Celastrus Panicultatus should help drastically improve mind-muscle connection.

The new King’s Ransom launching on Thanksgiving 2022. The flavor is similar to Skittles.

Final Takeaway

I was a huge fan of the OG King's Ransom. I will say this, I actually like this formula better. I think the team at MuscleSport, on paper, created something cool. I cannot wait to try it!

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