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MuscleSport Launches Passion Fruit Punch BCAA Revolution

MuscleSport BCAA Revolution Passion Fruit Punch

MuscleSport, who has a reputation for being on top of the mountain when it comes to flavoring, has added a new flavor to their BCAA Revolution series. Passion Fruit Punch is now officially available from MuscleSport.

This flavor was a soft launch, and the brand didn't make a big deal about it, but knowing how well they flavor their products we had to highlight this.

BCAA Revolution is a 10:1:1 BCAA product with the addition of Glutamine for gut health.

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Final Takeaway

This is on the way to us. Once we get it we will do a one sip review for our Instagram and TikTok channels. Make sure you're following there to stay up-to-date with these short format videos.

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