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MuscleSport Pistachio Ice Cream Lean Whey Launching August 6th

MuscleSport Lean Whey Pistachio Ice Cream

MuscleSport is back at it with a unique Lean Whey flavor launching on Friday, August 6th. The newest flavor iteration of Lean Whey will be Pistachio Ice Cream. This is a limited edition flavor that will launch at 5pm ET on Friday, August 6th.

MuscleSport has been awarded a Protein of the Year award here at Fitness Informant in the past for their ability to formulate unique flavors within a quality protein supplement. Our initial guess is if you like pistachio, you're going to like this.

We have a tub on our way to HQ to test, A full flavor review will follow on our Instagram channel.

Final Takeaway

I am a HUGE Pistachio Ice Cream guy. I really thought NutraBio did a good job on theirs, but that was a concentrate (nothing wrong with it). I am looking forward to seeing how this flavor comes through on the Lean Whey, along with the mouth feel. Check back to our IG (@FitnessInformant) to watch the full flavor review when it comes available.

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