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MuscleSport Launches Lean Way Plant’d Vegan Protein

MuscleSport Lean Way Plant'd

After receiving awards for their Lean Whey protein powders, MuscleSport has now decided to join the fun in the plant-based, vegan protein market. Lean Way Plant’d from MuscleSport has officially launched in two flavors. Blueberry Cobbler and Fruity Cereal Lean Way Plant’d are now available.

Lean Way SFPThe protein source is form pea protein isolate and brown rice protein concentrate. Each serving contains 20g protein.

Although there are 3g carbs per serving (on this SFP), each serving as 3g of Fiber from Inulin and Konjac.

Both flavors are gluten free and soy free. Unlike many companies launching a plant based protein, MuscleSport did outside-the-box flavors in Fruity Cereal and Blueberry Cobbler.

Each tub contains 25 servings.

Plant’d has been in the works for well over a year by MuscleSport CEO Jason Mancuso a/k/a The Supp Chef. One thing that Jason prides himself on is his ability to flavor anything. Users can expect a good tasting plant-based protein powder.

There are plans for more flavors of Lean Way Plant’d protein in the near future. 

Final Takeaway

I have not had a chance to try these yet. I am excited because the flavors are unique and different versus what we traditionally see launched in this format. I had the chance to try a Fruity Cereal Vegan Protein a few years ago and it was fantastic, but never launched. I am hoping these are solid AF. Full flavor reviews coming to our Instagram channel. 

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