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MuscleTech Partners with Black Box VR for the 2023 Arnold Sports Expo

By February 23, 2023No Comments
MuscleTech Black Box VR

MuscleTech was the first brand that we've seen to incorporate virtual reality (VR) into their new products EuphorIQ™ and BurnIQ™. They are now incorporating VR into their trade show experience by partnering with Black Box VR® at the 2023 Arnold Sports Expo.

Black Back VR® was founded by Ryan Deluca. Deluca was the founder at This is not the first time Deluca has worked with Iovate/MuscleTech. 

This year’s event marks the first time since 2018 that MuscleTech is both sponsoring and exhibiting at the event, with a booth (#645) that will feature two of the most innovative pre-workouts on the market in EuphoriQ™ and Burn iQ™, and the most exciting fitness innovation in decades via a unique collaboration with Black Box VR®.

From the press release:

This interactive experience combines the excitement of gaming with real, effective exercises to build muscle and burn fat. The Black Box VR® workout battle is designed to guide participants through a high-intensity combat workout tailored to your fitness goals. The ultimate goal of the game is to immerse users in a world in which leveling up in the game equates to leveling up your fitness in real life.

Physical challenges featured inside exhibitor booths at events such as the Arnold have typically been consistent ways for brands to stop traffic in the aisles and attract fans in to try new products. At the Arnold Sports Festival, those who strap on the VR goggles will also be able to sample the newest products from MuscleTech®, including its revolutionary Burn iQ™ and EuphoriQ™.  Both EuphoriQ™ and Burn iQ™ feature enfinity® paraxanthine, a metabolite of caffeine that allows for greater focus and energy enhancement to give you the best workout of your life.

MuscleTech and Black Box VR® has found a way to make their booth fun, interactive and educational around two new SKUs that focus on the future of dietary supplements.

Final Takeaway

To me this is cool. I think VR is ahead of its time, but it is something that brands are thinking about hard. I won't be at this year's Arnold, but I am looking forward to seeing shots and video of this experience.

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