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Enhance Your Performance with MuscleTech’s Clear Muscle

MuscleTech Clear Muscle

MuscleTech is one of the world's most known and well-established supplement companies for years, gives us a great but simple formula to help increase muscle, performance, and recovery with their Clear Muscle.

MuscleTech uses just two simple but highly effective ingredients in this formula including BetaTor and Betaine Anhydrous. With keeping things simple and effective this product can be used by many who are wanting increased results including bodybuilders, general gym goers, and even safe for athletes.

MuscleTech Clear Muscle Ingredient Breakdown

BetaTOR: Leading off this formula the main ingredient you will see is BetaTOR at 1,000mg which is the highly suggested dose to be used daily based on the clinical and research trials of this patented form of HMB. BetaTOR is a free acid of HMB (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate). Surprisingly to some people you will find this same form for HMB naturally produced in your body during the metabolism of the essential amino acid leucine found in foods such as beef and fish. 

Comparing this scientifically advance form of HMB to the well-known and highly studied CaHMB that has been shown to help increase strength, lean mass, and decreasing muscle damage and improving recovery after rigorous exercise, the difference is delivery method. Both forms are effective and can be utilized however with BetaTor it has been shown to help with rapid utilization and more effective than that of CaHMB.

Overall, the use of BetaTOR in Clear Muscle helps increase muscle protein in two different ways. It helps decrease muscle protein breakdown, while simultaneously increasing muscle protein synthesis. In recent clinical studies BetaTor has shown it decreased protein breakdown in muscle by 57%, so while you are involved in intense training and exercise you will not have to worry about the chance of muscle breakdown during activity. While also in recent studies BetaTor has shown that supplementing with BetaTOR increases protein synthesis up to 70%  and in a 12-week study show increases in lean mass of 250% greater than placebo and weight training alone.

Betaine Anhydrous: Sometimes compared to creatine, Betaine Anhydrous helps with intercellular hydration, meaning the hydration of muscle cells. With better hydration in your muscle cells this can lead to better water-based pumps, improved strength output, and helping with improving protein synthesis.

MuscleTech was smart with putting this ingredient in Clear Muscle to work hand in hand with BetaTOR that is a high recovery, strength improving, and muscle building ingredient. MuscleTech has given us 250mg of Betaine Anhydrous, even though you will find that it has been found you can take up to 6g a day for full benefits. The reasoning behind this is you will also find that Betaine in also found in several other daily use supplements including being a staple ingredient for some pre-workouts and recovery supplements.

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Final Takeaway

This product is a very unique one in its own right. The way MuscleTech has made the target pitch on this is the concept of muscle building and strength increase, which consumers will benefit from with the use of this product.

My biggest takeaway of why I want to use this product, and everyone can benefit from this product, it that the increase in rapid recovery to go hard again sooner in the gym or on the field, along with the muscle retention benefits you will receive. With the suggested dosing's having you take it throughout the day you will not have to worry about muscle loss throughout the day as you are always supplying your body with key building blocks.

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