MuscleTech Iso Whey Clear: Refreshing Taste-First Isolate

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Differentiating yourself in the protein powder game has been a challenge for some time. When the industry started making protein powders it was strictly vanilla and chocolate. Somewhere along the lines we got better at flavoring and added in flavors that seemed to fit with a “dairy-based” protein. Flavors like cookies and cream, peanut butter and strawberry flooded the market. The next big thing came when brands started using other products as inspiration like cereal and ice cream. At some point it became a new thing to add inclusions to the protein powder (inclusions are non-protein pieces of food to compliment the flavor such as real cereal pieces). Then here we sat. Waiting for the next big thing…

Supplement manufactures then got creative. They decided that their performance powder flavors were doing so well, why not bring that over to the protein powder game. Suddenly insert new fruit-forward flavored protein powders. Brands wanted consumers to drink something refreshing and different that could be drank at anytime of the year and anytime of the day. MuscleTech was at the forefront of this trend and decided they wanted to make the best tasting fruit-forward flavored protein powder. 

MuscleTech Iso Whey Clear Powder

MuscleTech has long been known to be a brand that is willing to try something new. Their product portfolio is a testament to that. MuscleTech saw other brands attempting to make a fruit-forward flavored protein powder, but ultimately they wanted to be responsible for the best tasting version on the market. MuscleTech spent over six months on flavoring for their new Iso Whey Clear protein powder. Finally, after they deemed it to be just about as perfect as it could be, MuscleTech launched Orange Dreamsicle, Arctic Cherry Blast and Lemon Berry Blizzard Iso Whey Clear protein powders.

Whey Protein Isolate

MuscleTech uses 22g of Whey Protein Isolate in their Iso Whey Clear. Whey protein isolate is known to be, at a minimum, 90% protein (anything less than 90% is considered a concentrate). Whey protein isolate is a fast digesting, fast absorbing protein that contains little to no fat, little to no carbohydrates and little to no lactose. Those who suffer from lactose intolerance tend to do better with a whey protein isolate. 

Protein Heavy Clean Label

MuscleTech Iso Whey Clear LabelMuscleTech’s Iso Whey Clear has a very clean label that would please most. 

The macros are very friendly:

Calories: 90
Fats: 0g
Carbs: <1g
Protein: 22g

On top of the high quality whey protein isolate, MuscleTech includes 220mg of ProHydrolase. ProHydrolase consists of two digestive enzymes that aid in breaking down protein into their simpler forms. We get Protease and Bromelain. The addition of the digestive enzymes speeds up the process of breaking down the proteins into amino acids for absorption and utilization. 

Unique Flavors

With protein we typically see chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter, strawberry and even banana. We typically don’t see any unique fruit flavors that you wouldn’t find in an ice cream or a compliment to a dairy product. However, MuscleTech really went outside the box with Iso Whey Clear to create three unique flavors: Orange Dreamsicle, Artic Cherry Blast and Lemon Berry Blizzard.

Orange Dreamsicle

Orange Dreamsicle seems like the one flavor that belongs here. It performs very well. It does taste just like an Orange Creamsicle, without thickness of the real drink. The WPI90 is less thick, but you get a nice orange subtle flavor with that “cream” taste you get with a real orange creamsicle. 

Article Cherry Blast

Honestly, this was the favorite of the three. It tastes like a cherry Jolly Rancher. You would not believe you’re drinking a protein. In fact, this version of cherry is better than 90% of the cherry flavors that are in BCAAs and pre-workouts. It is smooth, refreshing and so different that it is awesome.

Lemon Berry Blast

Solid flavor as well. You get a blue raspberry kind of taste with it along with that lemon, which is great. This reminds us of shaved ice, or a popsicle of sorts where you get that blue/lemonade flavor. We have had a Kool-Aid before weI think very similar to this, and they nailed it. If it wasn’t for how impressed we were with Cherry, this would have been our favorite. 

Overall, you cannot believe you’re drinking a protein with any of these three flavors. We’ve had other fruit-forward flavors in the protein world but these are the best we’ve had with no aftertaste. A solid job by the Iovate/MuscleTech team on the formulation.

Final Takeaway

MuscleTech Iso Whey Clear is a winner. We are impressed with the formula and the flavors. The only negative feedback would be the foaming and slight clumping of the powder, but that can vary from shaker to shaker. The flavors are so unique but so refreshingly good that you cannot believe you’re drinking protein. You would legitimately think you’re drinking a BCAA or a pre-workout.

You are getting a high quality protein source with the added benefit of ProHydrolase for digestion. That is a win-win. If you’re over the traditional flavors of proteins, and want to try something that is refreshingly new, MuscleTech’s Iso Whey Clear would be a solid choice.

MuscleTech Iso Whey Clear

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