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MuscleTech Set To Launch Plant Protein

MuscleTech Plant Protein

Supplement giant MuscleTech has many products in their lineup, but the one product missing was a plant-based protein powder. That is about to change. MuscleTech has announced it will be launching a Plant Protein in July through their website and Amazon. Their first two flavors will be Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie and Vanilla. 

Plant Protein from MuscleTech will feature 25g protein per serving from six different sources:

  • Organic Pea
  • Faba
  • Brown Rice
  • Mung Bean
  • Pumpkin Seed

MuscleTech Plant Protein will also feature 250mg Optizome-P3 Hydrolyzer. This is a branded ingredient from Bio-Cat that has been shown in studies to improve the release of amino acids in Plant Protein. Per the study, the use of Optizome-P3 Hydrolyzer led to a 295% increase in Leucine release and 225% more BCAA release.

MuscleTech Plant Protein will also feature 250mg NordicCherry® Extract. NordicCherry® tart cherry extract is one of the most bioactive, full-spectrum, whole fruit tart cherry extracts on the market. It enhances exercise recovery and enables the consumer to recover faster after a work out.

MuscleTech's Plant Protein is non-gMO, dairy free, free of artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners.

The two flavors of MuscleTech Plant Protein will launch in July with a suggested price point of $34.99 via MuscleTech's website and Amazon.

Final Takeaway

We got a chance to try to Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie. It has great mouth feel and good flavoring. This is a flavor not found in plant protein - so it was refreshing to see a big brand come out of the gate with a different take on chocolate. We have not gotten to try the Vanilla but I am sure we will soon. Stay tuned for more info on the launch of MuscleTech's Plant Protein.

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