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New Flavor and Formula of GHOST Energy Coming Early 2021

By December 25, 2020No Comments
GHOST Energy Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry

One of the hottest product launches of 2020 by one of the hottest brands will debut a new flavor and an updated formula in early 2021. GHOST released GHOST Energy in 2020 with extremely high demand. The brand released four flavors, Citrus, Mango, Sour Watermelon Warheads and Sour Patch Kids Redberry. The brand has leaked that the next flavor will be Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry.

GHOST is the only brand in the energy drink space to feature authentic collaborations with candy companies. GHOST Energy has consistently sold out from high demand from brick and mortar stores. To many, this was their first chance to feature the brand in their stores.

GHOST Energy will also make a tweak to their formula to improve it. GHOST recognized several challenges with Acetyl-L-Carnitine water stability and elected to make an improvement to their formula without changing the price. The brand elected to change to the branded Carnipure, which is a premium form of Carnitine, and more expensive. GHOST Energy will also drop Vitamin B1 and adding more bioavailable forms of vitamins in Vitamin B6 and B12.

The new formula and new flavor will be available in early 2021.

Final Takeaway

GHOST understands accountability, something that we greatly respect here at FI. In 2019 when they had issues with their first run of Chips Ahoy! they acknowledged it and made it right. With GHOST Energy, through continuous testing, they recognized a stability issue with ALCAR and elected to be proactive and make the change to Carnipure. This change is an improvement to the formula, as well as a more expensive change. GHOST is a brand that seemingly always does the right thing.

GHOST Energy is our #1 rated energy drink. We are looking forward to trying the new Blue Raspberry Sour Patch Kids GHOST Energy when it drops.

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