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New Look Merica Energy Coming Soon!

Merica Energy New Look

A new look Merica Energy will be hitting the market soon. Merica Energy CEO Doug Miller leaked a photo via his official Instagram account confirming the rebrand.

In addition to the rebrand of the entire can, Merica Energy will be bringing three new flavors to market while keeping two of the originals. Merica Energy Freedom and Victory will be returning under the new look Merica Energy. The rest of the original flavors have been "retired," for now.

Merica Energy will debut Patriot Punch, Daytona Beach and County Fair under the new branding. Per the flavor cues on the can, Patriot Punch appears to be a traditional fruit punch, Daytona Beach appears to be a tropical flavor like pineapple mango and County Fair appears to be blue raspberry cotton candy flavor.

No confirmed date when these are going to his the market. Stay tuned to Fitness Informant (sign-up for alerts below) for more info.

Final Takeaway

The rebrand is a massive upgrade from what they had in the past. Flavor cues are used brilliantly to portray to the consumer a delicious taste prior to the can touching their lips. It also is no longer "nichey" with the use of the characters. As much as I loved the characters, to reach a broader audience and potentially a GNC/Vitamin Shoppe deal this seems to be a better fit.

I love the return of Freedom and Victory. I actually loved Cola, but I think the fact it was clear scared some people. I am intrigued by the three new flavors; we will be eager to try.

Merica Energy came out of the gate swinging, literally. They came after BANG in digital spots multiple times to gain a lot of impressions across a lot of platforms. Let's hope they can regain the steam they once had.

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