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NutraBio Confirms New Pre-Workout Featuring 3D Pump Breakthrough

NutraBio 3D Pump

NutraBio CEO Mark Glazier took to Facebook to confirm the brand is working on a new pre-workout supplement that will feature 3D Pump Breakthrough, a new glycerol based ingredient.

"When NutraBio launches our new, flagship pre-workout to the sports nutrition industry that utilizes 3DPump Breakthrough in it, once again we will show the industry how meaningful innovation is not just possible but that it is absolutely doable. I cannot understate the improvement to the pre-workout product space this new product will provide for consumers around the world." - Mark Glazier

3D Pump Breakthrough is a fully DSHEA 1994 compliant dietary ingredient that has unique vasoactive, hydration, exercise endurance, ammonia scavenging and mitochondrial optimizing properties. These properties make it ideal for use in the pre-workout, sports nutrition space among many other areas in the dietary supplement world.

NutraBio PRE is one of the highest rated pre-workout supplements on the market, the inclusion of a branded ingredient with clinical research will only improve the product.

It is not confirmed if 3D Pump Breakthrough will be used in NutraBio PRE, PRE Extreme or PRE Stim Free.

More info coming soon.

Final Takeaway

We had the opportunity to test out 3D Pump Breakthrough by itself. We did like the effect that it gave us. It seemed to help improve cardiovascular endurance during cardio and obviously fuller pumps. We will see this ingredient hit the market very soon, with NutraBio being one of the biggest brands to utilize it.

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