BREAKING: NutraBio Alpha EAA Wins 2019 Product of the Year

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BREAKING: NutraBio Alpha EAA Wins 2019 Product of the Year

NutraBio had a stellar 2019 starting the year off with a new product/flavor launch every Friday for the first half of the year. Out of all the products and flavors launched by the brand, one stood above the rest. Alpha EAA from NutraBio is the winner of the 2019 Shield of Excellence Supplement Award for Product of the Year.

Alpha EAA LabelThe market is flooded with BCAA/EAA products. Some are traditional cookie cutter amino acid products, while others, like Alpha EAA, stand out among the crowd. What makes Alpha EAA different, unique and better is that as a consumer you are getting a full spectrum amino acid product containing 6g BCAA and 2.2g EAA, but you are also getting a hydration and nootropic infused product. The hydration component includes 1,200mg Taurine, which regulates electrolytes, and 500mg CocoPure coconut water powder. The nootropic infusion is really what separates this product and earned it our 2019 Product of the Year Award. NutraBio uses a full 600mg dose of Alpha-GPC. Alpha-GPC is one of most reliable nootropic ingredients loved by so many. In addition, NutraBio adds 500mg VitaCholine, 300mg KSM-66 Ashwagandha and 50mcg Huperzine A. Collectively these ingredients will improve overall mental clarity and focus.

NutraBio had every right to jack up the price on this, but they decided to sell it at an affordable $34.99 price tag. An exclusive Fitness Informant coupon code (INFORMANT) will save you 10% brining the price closer to $30 for a full 30-serving unit.

Alpha EAA is currently available in four flavors: Cherry Limeade, Dragon Fruit Candy, Strawberry Lemon Bomb and Grape Berry Crush.

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