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NutraBio Launches TUDCA, A Liver Detox Supplement

By October 15, 2021No Comments
Nutrabio TUDCA

TUDCA is an extremely beneficial liver detox supplement that was once not readily available in market. NutraBio has sourced a high quality version of TUDCA and has finally released it to market. 

The new NutraBio supplement will be dosed at 255mg, which is the recommended dosage. Users can go up to as high as a gram, depending if they are taking any "extracurriculars" but the standard 250-255mg is the dosage to take.

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Final Takeaway

Love TUDCA. Honestly it is the best supplement for liver health. The issue is sourcing a quality version. TUDCA comes from bile, traditionally from bear or bull bile. It is just hard in general to source it. Luckily for you, NutraBio has 3rd party testing with to ensure you are getting what you paid for.

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