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NutraBio Launches Leg Day in New York Punch Flavor

By December 17, 2021No Comments
NutraBio Leg Day NY Punch

NurtaBio is one of our favorite brands here at FI, and Leg Day is one of our favorite intra workout supplements. Today it just got better. Leg Day is now available in New York Punch flavor.

The New York Punch flavor debuted at the 2019 Natural Body Block Party as a special flavor for NB in the Intra Blast product. It has since found itself in Alpha EAA and now Leg Day.

Leg Day is NutraBio's mega intra workout catalyst featuring 25g Cluster Dextrin carbs, 8.6g EAA/BCAA blend (transparent), elevATP, Senactiv, NeuroFactor and more.

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Final Takeaway

This flavor is heavier on the coconut side, but still very good. This product in itself is one of the best, if not the best, intra workout supplement available today.

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