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NutriFitt Vaso Fitt Quick Hit: A Pump Product Fitt For People Chasing The Pump

Well, we recently posted a Quick Hit on Pre Fitt Carnage, a powerful pre-workout. Well, now we have another product from the brand to go over. Vaso Fitt from NutriFitt is a Pump supplement, meant to aid with vasodilation, endurance, and performance in the gym. Pump robust are a popular category, because who doesn't like painful pumps?

Vaso Fitt is actually meant to be stacked with Pre Fitt Carnage, which we get into due to one ingredient. It is still a viable option on its own, so let's not waste your time and take a look at what Vaso Fitt brings to the table.

Ingredient Profile

L-Citrulline – 5g

vaso fittThe first ingredient in Vaso Fitt is Citrulline, which is no surprise to see in a pump product. Citrulline has quite a few benefits, although it is most known for being good for pumps. Citrulline converts to Arginine in the body, which is a precursor to Nitric Oxide. Arginine on its own does not absorb very well, which is why brands use Citrulline.

At 5 grams, it is dosed well in Vaso Fitt.

Betaine Anhydrous – 2.5g

Betaine is the next ingredient in here. Betaine is a very popular ingredient these days, and may help with power output. Betaine also has several studies supporting it, and it is great to see in here.

At 2.5 grams, it is at the clinical dose.

Taurine – 1g

Taurine is the next ingredient in vase Fitt, and it should come as no surprise. Taurine is growing in popularity, and for good reason. Taurine is known for its ability to aid with blood flow and hydration. Hydration is very important for pumps, and many already take Taurine for the anti-cramping benefits.

At 1g, it is dosed well in Vaso Fitt.

Nitrosigine® – 750mg

The next ingredient in here is Nitrosigine®, which is Arginine bound to Silica. This has several studies showing it to be beneficial for helping with vasodilation, and is always nice to see in pre-workouts. It has even been compared to straight Citrulline and gram per gram outperforms it for the purpose of pumps.

At 750mg, it is at half the dose we would like to see, however as we mentioned above, it is meant to be stacked with Pre Fitt carnage, and the two combined bring it to a 1.5 clinical dose.

VasoDrive-AP – 254mg

VasoDrive-AP is a great ingredient to see in here, and it is one with good research behind it. It is actually a derivative of Casein, and has been shown to lower blood pressure, in doses as low as 150mg per day. Certainly a solid and expensive ingredient to add to this. 

At 254mg, it is dosed well.

AstraGin® – 25mg

AstraGin® is an ingredient from NuLiv, and is in a lot of ingredients these days. It may help with the absorption of certain ingredients, and it is nice to see in here.

At 25mg, it is dosed decently in Vaso Fitt.

BioPerine® – 5mg

BioPerine® is a trademarked form of Black Pepper Extract, which like AstraGin may help with absorption. 

At 5mg, you are getting a solid dose in Vaso Fitt.

Final Takeaway

Vaso Fitt is a nice option for those who want a reliable pump product. Not only does it have some great dosages, it simply makes for an enjoyable experience. It does pair well with Carnage, especially for those who want the best of both worlds, pumps and energy. With that said, the flavor is well done, and the Bomb Pop is enjoyable. It is very refreshing, and the the flavor is not overpowering, overly sweet, or simply gross. Certainly worth trying out at least once if you like to experiment with pump products..

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