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Nut-Free Outright Bar Coming Soon

Nut Free Outright Bar

Outright Bar creator, and CEO of MTS Nutrition, Marc Lobliner confirms via his personal Facebook page that a nut-free variation of the Outright Bar is coming soon.

On a post that was promoting the upcoming launch of the Outright Bar Cookies & Cream, Marc Lobliner also stated that we should expect a nut-free option soon.

Cookies & Cream launches within a week, we have a new NUT-FREE version a few weeks out and we also have other new categories within this category.

A nut-free claim would make the bar eligible to be taking into schools and daycare facilities as they are nut-free due to tree nut allergies. 

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Fitness Informant's POV

This is a HUGE step for the Outright Bar. A nut-free claim is NOT easy to make. I know from experience. If you can make it, and it is verified, this opens the door for the Outright Bar to be taken into schools and daycares that are nut-free...which I believe is all due to nut allergies. I am looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

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