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Vegan Outright Bars Now Available!

By November 27, 2019 No Comments
Vegan Outright Bar

Our #1 rated protein bar, The Outright Bar, has finally changed the game (see what we did there?!) The Outright Bar has gone vegan. The brand has officially launched two flavors of a vegan version of the Outright Bar. Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter and Banana Walnut are now available as vegan options of The Outright Bar.

The two main ingredients that needed to be swapped out in order to make The Outright Bar vegan was the MTS Whey Protein Isolate and honey. Outright Bar uses Yellow Pea Protein and Brown Rice Concentrate for their protein sources. Instead of honey, they elected to use maple syrup.

Both flavors of the bar are now available at

Fitness Informant's POV

Smart move by Marc Lobliner. The popularity of vegan diets is at an all-time high, with many practicing vegans looking for more ways to incorporate protein into their diet. The Outright Bars are our #1 rated protein bars, it only made sense to develop a vegan option. We do like the use of maple syrup vs. agave as we believe it does taste better.

We have not had the pleasure of trying these yet, but if they are anything like the regular Outright Bars they will be great.

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