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Performax Labs Announces New Hypermax Featuring 3D Pump Breakthrough

Performax Labs Hypermax 3D Pump Breakthrough

Performax Labs is busy making a splash back on the sports nutrition industry. A week after the brand announced a new look is coming they also announced that a new version of Hypermax will be coming featuring the new ingredinet 3D Pump Breakthrough and be called Hypermax-3D.

Hypermax is Performax Labs staple pre-workout product. The brand also makes an "extreme" version of the pre-workout but the new version of Hypermax-3D will be replacing them both.

The updated version of Hypermax will be available in four flavors: Rocket Bomb, Raspberry Limeade, Hawaiian Papaya Pineapple and Mango Kiwi Cooler.

 At this time there is no ETA but we're being told very soon from the brand. Stay tuned to FI for more.

Final Takeaway

I got a chance to test drive each flavor of this and put it to work in the gym. I really enjoyed the flavors and the effect I got from this pre-workout. Energy and focus were great, without a bad crash. Pumps were solid too. I did not use a pump powder when testing this out and was very impressed overall. 

I really enjoy the line from Performax Labs and find them extremely underrated. Looking forward to this launch!

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