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Performax Labs Reveals HyperMax’d Out Formula

By October 31, 2023November 23rd, 2023No Comments
Performax Labs Max'd Out SFP

Performax Labs has revealed the supplement facts panel behind their new pre-workout HyperMax'd Out. At quick glance you will find the usage of two brand new ingredients being featured in the supplement market from Pinnacle Ingredients, HesperiPump and Pinorox.

Performax Labs Hyper Max’dOut Formula

Starting off, this formula will give you the self-dosing option that has been very popular in the pre-workout world in recent time. You will have the option to do 1 or 2 scoops, resulting in yielding 40 or 20 servings out of each container.

Performax Labs Hyper max'd out sfpL-Citrulline (Vegan Fermented): 4,000/8,000mg

 One of the most commonly used ingredients you will find time and time again in a pre-workout to help will overall endurance, blood flow, and vasodilation. L-Citrulline has been commonly used 6,000mg dosing’s to give consumers the desired pump they are looking for. What stands out about Performax Labs has done with this formula is using a Vegan Fermented source of L-Citrulline. In simpler terms, this means this is sourced and derived from fermented vegetables compared to a synthetic alternative.  This fermented source of L-Citrulline is deemed to be purer and for your body to utilize more efficiently.

Beta-Alanine: 1,600/3,200mg

Another very commonly used ingredient found in pre-workouts, as it is a very useful one at that. Beta-Alanine or the “itchy-tingly” feel some may receive when they take a pre-workout is a staple in and ingredient profile. Beta-Alanine will helps produce carnosine to help prevent muscular fatigue during intense workouts, helping your endurance in the gym. Dosing’s on Beta-Alanine can vary between 2,000-5,000mg, but in most commonly you will find this ingredient dosed at 3,200mg. Performax Labs gives you dosing’s of either 1,600mg or the most commonly used 3,200mg. 

GlycerSize (65% Glycerol Powder): 1,000mg/2,00mg

Performax Labs has thrown in a patented form of glycerol powder in HyperMax’d Out, that is GlycerSize. Glycerol, being known to help increase intercellular hydration within your muscles leading to to more fuller pumps that last longer, greater endurance, and decreases heart rate during intense exercise.  Utilizing this patented form not only contains more glycerol percentage than most standard add ins of glycerol, but it is also shelf stable to help prevent the dreaded clumping that will occur in products containing high amounts of glycerol. A standard dosing of this glycerol is found to occur between 1,000mg-3,000mg. Performax Labs delivers with the option of obtaining 1,000-2,000mg.

L-Tyrosine: 1,000/2,000mg 

This non-essential amino acid has been found to help with the production of dopamine and epinephrine, helping lead to improved mood and focus. While the body is being put under stress such as intense exercise L-Tyrosine can help also lead to improved brain function and mental focus. The suggested dosing for L-Tyrosine can be dependent per person, but it will generally range between 500mg up to 2,000mg. In HyperMax’d Out you will have 1,000mg or 2,000mg. 


VitaCholine (Choline Bitartrate): 500mg/1,000mg

Choline a vital nutrient to the body to help our cells perform at peak potential, has been found to play a role in cognitive function. With the use of choline in the pre-workouts it can attribute to high mental focus while in the gym. VitaCholine or Choline Bitrartate is highly bioavailable form of choline that has an increased rate of absorption compared to a standard choline. Dosing suggesting have been found to range between 500mg-1,500mg. Performax Labs delivers at 500 or 1,00mg.

ThinFen: 250mg/500mg

This Nootropic like ingredient is a great add into pre-workouts. Helping diminish brain fog and lack of motivation you will find ThinFen PEA to be great addition to a pre-workout. This ingredient main focus is to help with mood stabilization and increased focus. Performax Labs utilizes this ingredient to their HyperMax 3D doased at a max of 400mg. In HyperMax’d Out you can get a max dosing of 500mg.

Caffeine: 200mg/400mg

As a Caffeine Anhydrous source, you will be able to utilize this pre-workout as a high stimulant pre-workout or more a mild stimulant pre-workout. Great for advanced pre-workout users or even beginners to enjoy this hefty formula.

NeuroPEA: 150mg/300mg 

The purest and one of the most potent extracts of Eria Jarensis on the market, is a great add in with a stimulant such as caffeine. This extract that plays a role in brain function as central nervous system and neurotransmitter, you can find the benefits of increased mood, motivation, energy, and focus. NeuroPEA specifically will be a fast acting and very sustainable stimulant and euphoria in a pre-workout to help support your “feel good” energy while working out. Dosing’s of NeuroPEA can range between 150mg-300mg per dosing, just as Performax Labs has given us. 

RhodioPrime® (Rhodiola 6% salidroside): 100mg/200mg

This patented form of Rhodiola coming from NNB Nutrition you will find this to be the most bioactive constituent on the market at 6% salidroside. In athletic performance you will find benefits including a decrease in mental fatigue in stressful situations such as working out leading to mental clarity and focus. With continued used it has also been shown to help an increase in V02 max. Suggested dosing’s can range between 200mg-600mg daily, Performax gives the option of going up to 200mg. 

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: 100mg/200mg

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt being a better than a standard table salt because of its it’s more natural sourcing and increased mineral content. Using this salt before you workout can help lead to help balancing out electrolytes, increased energy, increased muscle contraction, and even making it easier for rehydration when added to water. It is a very preferenced dosing usage of Pink Himalayan salt in pre-workouts, in HyperMax’d Out you will receive between 100mg-200mg.

HesperiPump (a-glucosyl hesperidin): 75mg/150mg

Performax Labs has debuted this new ingredient to the market in this formula. Coming from Pinnacle Ingredients, the makers of GlycerPump. You will find HerperiPump will be a patented form of glucosyl hesperidin, helping increase you overall blood flow, increased pumps, and helping increase your endurance. Expect this quick acting ingredient to be used throughout more products in the for seeable future, as it has been compared to the widely popular CitraPeak.  

 Infinergy (Dicaffeine Malate): 50mg/100mg

Infinergy is another form of a caffeine source, usually yielding at a 75% caffeine value. This slow-release caffeine is a great on to put into a high stimulant pre-workout to help prevent hard come downs and maintain consistent clean energy towards the end of the workout and after you work out. There is no suggested dosing on this caffeine as it is preference.

KannaEase™ (Sceletium Tortuosum (Kanna) extract): 50mg/100mg

With this patented form of Sceletium Tortuosum (Kanna) extract it has been found in many pre-workouts to help with mood and relaxation. When combined with other stimulants you will find increased concentration and focus. This ingredient as a standalone form has been suggested to be used at 50mg-100mg, that is exactly what Performax Labs has given us in this pre-workout.

Pinorox® (Pinus roxburghii): 50mg/100mg

With the second new ingredient being introduced to the supplement world that Performax Labs has rolled out in this supplement is Pinorox® once again from Pinnacle Ingredients. This patented of Pinus roxburghii coming from a pine bark extract. In clinical trials dosed at 200mg has been found to have an increased athletic performance in healthy individuals and athletes.  Due to the compund being rich in natural polyphenols – Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs) that act as antioxidants, a daily use of this in studies has resulted in improvements in VO2 max levels, anerobic power, rate of fatigue, muscular performance, and muscle grip strength. The study was dosed at 200mg daily, Performax labs gives us 50mg/100mg.

Theobromine: 50mg/100mg

Theobromine is a metabolite of caffeine. In fact, it has similar properties to the impact caffeine can give you, but it is not exactly the same. Theobromine is found in food items such as dark chocolate. Theobromine can help improve energy levels as well as energy expenditure through increased thermogenisis.

Huperzine Serrata: 100mcg/200mcg

On the SFP they list this as 10-20mg at a standard of 1%. We did the math for you. This is cognition enhancing ingredient that pairs well with caffeine to give you a solid mind-muscle connection.

YoMax (Yohimbine & Alpha Yohimbine): 7.5mg/15mg

YoMax is listed as a combination between standard Yohimbine and Alpha Yohimbine. This is an ingredient that users may want to start with one scoop to assess tolerance. This is a strong stimulant that increases energy and can help assist in fat loss.

Bioperine: 5mg/10mg

Bioperine is used to help ingredient absorption.

Final Takeaway

Energy, focus, pump. That's what this pre-workout is all about. I'm excited to try this formula out especially with the inclusion and roll out of the two new ingredients from Pinnacle Ingredients. This pre-workout will be a great one if you're a new user or advanced used with the or scoop formula.

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