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Performax Labs Reformulated VasoMax Available Monday

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The new reformulated Performax Labs VasoMax is scheduled to hit to market on Monday, September 16th. VasoMax was considered one of the top rated pump supplements by Fitness Informant, and the reformulation only improved the product.

The reformulated version of Performax Labs includes a fully stable version of Alpha-GPC called AlphaZone at 300mg, an increase in GlycerSize to 5g and the addition of S7 at 50mg and KannaEase at 25mg. These improvements to the formula aid in a better pump and improved focus.

Fitness Informant got an advanced release of the new VasoMax. We were very impressed with pump and focus. The original version was good, but the additions and improvements to the reformulated version makes this better.

In terms of pump, the brand made two improvements. First, it added S7 at 50mg. S7 has been shown to increase nitric oxide levels by up to 230%. We don’t know if we believe in that number, per se,  but S7, when combined with other pump ingredients like Vaso6, does seem to improve the overall pump. This is a new ingredient to market that is popping up in formulas everywhere.  The other improvement was increasing GlycerSize (formally known as GlycerPump) from 3g to 5g. This makes the muscle a sponge, essentially, allowing it to hold water and other fluids to keep a longer pump, fullness and repair muscle tissue. There may not be a huge difference in increasing to 5g, but we felt more full on this version than the OG.

Focus has improved too. The change to Alpha Zone doesn’t impact the effectiveness of Alpha-GPC. It is still 300mg. It just allows it to be stable, which means it won’t turn into a liquid thus causing your powder to turn into one giant clump. The key here was the addition of KannaEase. KannaEase helps alleviate stress and anxiety allowing Huperzine and Alpha-GPC to do their job; this is noticeable in the gym.

We’re fans of the new reformulation. We would say that the pumps experienced on VasoMax are similar too, if not better, than some of the pumps you get on nitrate based pump products.

Performax Labs will officially make the new VasoMax for sale on Monday, September 16th.

Fitness Informant's POV

VasoMax was a great pump product, and now it looks like it is getting better. Performax Labs is including a fully stable version of Alpha-GPC, and now we are getting 5g of GlycerPump and S7. VasoMax was a powerhouse before, but now it appears to be even better.

We like the bump from 3g to 5g on GlycerPump. We've had products with 5g of HydroMax that worked well. Many prefer GlycerSize over HydroMax so this could work even better. S7 is a good ingredient, but works the best when it is included in a formula that includes other nitric oxide producing ingredients and multiple pathways like the addition of GlycerSize.

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