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Performix Launches SST H2

By December 18, 2019No Comments
Performix Launches SST H2

A #1 selling supplement for years at GNC, SST from Performix, is getting an upgrade from the brand. Performix SST H2 is set to launch featuring Performix’s Terra Intelligent Dosing Beads and their new emphasis on molecular hydrogen.

Performix SST H2 LabelPerformix SST H2 is a semi-fully transparent fat burner that contains their Terra Intelligent Dosing Beads as well as their new focus on molecular hydrogen. SST H2 contains a SST H2 Energy, Metabolism and Focus Complex containing ingredients like 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous for energy, Capsimx at 50mg for a thermogenic effect, 50mg TeaCrine for prolonged energy, Lion’s Mane and Huperzine A for focus. The H2 Molecular Hydrogen Complex contains Aquamin. The last complex, SST Carrier Oil Matrix contains Fish Oil, MCT Oil and more.

Performix SST H2 will also feature the sustained release Terra Intelligent Dosing Beads that Performix used to use in all of their products.

Performix SST H2 will be available on and

Fitness Informant's POV

Performix is doing an whole new re-brand of the brand and their products. They decided to keep the Terra Intelligent Dosing Beads in their capsule products, but remove it from the powders - smart. Performix SST H2 is the second-coming of the popular fat burner from the brand. We've never personally used the product in the past, but from GNC employees it was their #1 seller. The formula has some strong points with Caffeine Anhydrous at 300mg, TeaCrine at 50mg and Aquamin.

I would like to see Lion's Mane much higher than 49mg - we see this typically around 500mg for the best impact. We would like to see it completely transparent as well as some of the ingredients are hard to determine if they are dosed correctly. There are a lot of positive ingredients, but may lack the proper dosages to provide the effect you're looking for.

We will be sure to give this a test run for a full review here at FI.

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