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Primeval Labs To Launch Electrolyte Product

primeval labs

Primeval Labs is back once again, and this time they are going to be launching an Electrolyte supplement. It will come in 60 servings tubs.

While we do not have a set release date, we know it will be launching in the near future. So far, two flavors have been revealed, being Orange Sherbet and Smash Berry. No exact profile yet, but Primeval tends to launch solid formulas, so rest assured it will most likely be a solid product.

Be sure to stay tuned for more info, as well as a release date and launch article.

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Final Takeaway

Nice to see this launch coming soon. Although electrolytes aren't as sexy sounding as some other ingredients, they are actually one of the more beneficial ingredients you can use, especially during a workout. Nothing can ruin a workout like cramping, and electrolytes can certainly help prevent that. 

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